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Menicon Z



6 Month Warranty Policy
We understand doctors & patients' concern about breakages of any lenses. In order to eliminate such concern, Menicon offers 6-month material warranty for breakages of Menicon Z. When/if you have such breakage (within 6 months), please call first to reorder the lens and then please send broken lenses to ABBA with copies of the original invoice and you will be refunded in full.

Menicon Z lenses are made with materials that allow oxygen to pass to the cornea. Its movement on the eye facilitates a good tear exchange under the lens, favouring metabolism and corneal integrity. It doesn´t deform and garantees a long term steady vision, optimizing visual sharpness regardless of professional or leisure activities.

Menicon Z has succeeded in developing new materials for gas permeable lens. As the result of the long time research and development, Menicon Z enables all wearers the benefits of long term corneal health, vision, comfort and wettability in order to reduce the burden to the cornea. Menicon Z will provide supreme eye life with comfortable wear.

Past technology for rigid gas lens used to make the strength of lens material weaken as relatively increasing its oxygen permeability. However, Menicon tried advancing the new lens material that enabled enhancment to both oxygen permeability and material strength. That is the development of new polymer with composing novel syloxanylstyrene, fluoromethacrylate and benzotriazol UV absorber. This chemical structure results in excellent mechanical properties, allowing the lens to be made significantly thinner than a typical rigid gas lens.

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