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Menicon Z

ABBA Is Proud To Accounce Its Large Selection of GP Designs In Menicon Z Material

Physical/Optical Properties
Specific Gravity: 1.20
Refractive Index: 1.436
Surface Character: Hydrophobic
Wetting Angle: 24 degrees
Oxygen Permeability: 163 ISO, 189 Fatt, 250 Hamano

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Stone Mountain, GA - On November 10th, ABBA Optical, an independent contact lens manufacturer, received commercial production approval from Menicon Co. Ltd., Japan's first and largest contact lens manufacturer.

Over the past several months, Menicon has been performing a variety of meticulous tests on lenses manufactured in the ABBA laboratory. Representatives from Menicon USA and Menicon Japan were also on site to inspect and test ABBA's equipment and production processes.

As of November 10th, ABBA Optical will have approval to commercially produce it's large selection of proprietary contact lens deigns that include MVP Multifocal, EZEyes Hybrid For Presbyopia, ABBAKone, Semi-Scleral, Surgical C4 and many other standard and astigmatic GP lenes. These desins will all be available in the Hyper Dk Menicon Z material with the option for 30 days of continuous wear.

This year ABBA is celebrating it's 20th year in serving the contact lens industry. "Combined with Menicon's 55 years of experience, ABBA and Menicon make a great team. We are very pleased to do business with a company who, like us, places such tremendous focus on the eye health of the customer," says ABBA President Lee Dickerson.