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ABBAKONE Fitting Guide

ABBAKONE Fitting Guide


Start the initial trial fitting based on the “average” of the K readings. Because anesthetics reduce tearing and chair time, it is advised to use corneal anesthetics when fitting ABBA Kone.


Upon evaluation of the base curve/corneal relationship, a light feathering at the apex of the cone is desirable. If the lens is too steep you will not be able to discern where the apex of the cone is. The remaining pattern should look as close to an alignment fit as possible.


ABBA Kone is manufactured with a standard eccentricity value, however if the peripheral fit is unsatisfactory, an increased or decreased eccentricity value on the same base curve can be ordered. If the central base curve is satisfactory but there is inadequate peripheral edge lift, order ABBA Kone-C. If there is excessive peripheral edge lift, order ABBA Kone-A.


ABBA Kone is manufactured with a standard diameter of 8.6, however any diameter is available. Smaller diameters work well on extremely steep corneas and a large diameter will tend to make the lens ride higher. Your ABBA representative will be happy to assist you in completing the overall design for your patient.


Perform a careful over-refraction in a well lit room to approximate normal light conditions and pupil size.