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About Abba Optical


Our History

ABBA Optical, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, was founded in 1986 by Lee & Marie Dickerson. Specializing in custom lenses has kept ABBA on the forefront of technology over the past 19 years. ABBA Optical has consistently reinvested profits back into the business, resulting in an automated process that takes advantage of the most technologically advanced equipment available. Using CNC Lathes with Air bearing Spindles, Air Linear Motion slides and Oscillating Tool Technology, ABBA Optical produces lenses of virtually any geometry that can be expressed mathematically with exceptional accuracy and speed. Soft polishing techniques and water soluble blocking compounds adapted by ABBA compliment the production process allowing consistent results in a rapid and efficient manner. Orders for even the most complicated designs placed by 1:00pm are manufactured and shipped the same day.

Our Staff

Even the best equipment and software cannot, and should not take the place of our most precious asset, our personnel. The Customer Service Representatives at ABBA Optical are trained to help with minor consultation. Each CSR can assist customers with designing lenses based on corneal topographical information and spectacle refraction. They also assist with lens material selection for various colors, DK values and wetting angles for GP lenses, water content in soft lenses, proper care systems and other aspects of lens selection. Each ABBA CSR can assist the Eye Care Professional with minor problem solving for lenses that position improperly and/or require an over-refraction. Over 75% of the Customer Service Staff are NCLE certified.

The Consultants at ABBA Optical are all qualified to assist our customers with more advanced cases such as Keratoconus, Corneal Reshaping, Post Corneal Grafts, Post Refractive Surgery and highly irregular Corneas as well as the more common Presbyopia and Astigmatic cases.

Our Products

Over the years ABBA has developed a diverse product line of both GP and Soft Lenses. The ABBA-Kone is an aspheric design with varying eccentricity values that make fitting one of the most difficult conditions a rewarding event for both the Practitioner and the Patient. As our population grows, both in number and age, the number of presbyopic patients desiring contact lenses increases with each passing year. Managing Presbyopia is an important part of the Eye Care Professionals daily schedule. Through evolving technology ABBA developed four Aspheric Multifocals, three Translating Bifocals and a hybrid aspheric translating bifocal. The MVP Aspheric Multifocal, Custom Eyes Bifocal and the EZ Eyes hybrid lens are the most recent additions. Reverse Geometry lenses for post Refractive Surgery and Corneal Reshaping have been produced for years at ABBA. Comfort Zone and Advantage151 are aspheric, large diameter (10. 0 and 10.5mm) lenses used for multiple applications ranging from early Keratoconus to 6 month planned replacement for routine myopia. Our Semi-Scleral Lens is a 13.5mm GP lens designed for severe cases of Keratoconus or other highly irregular Corneas, but the comfort and exceptional acuity provided by it have caused the Semi-Scleral Lens to be fit on more routine cases.

The ABBAsoft Sphereand ABBAsoft Toric are available in 27 different colors. ABBA-Soft Toric is produced with cylinders up to -10.00 Diopters with axis alignment in any meridian. ABBA Soft products are available in a convenient quarterly replacement program with free trials.

Our Future

The future looks bright for ABBA Optical. The company is dedicated to growing our business by listening to our customers and expanding our product lines to meet their needs. We recognize that we are in a competitive business and we must earn our customer's confidence with every order we are entrusted with.

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