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Custom Eyes Bifocal Lenses


Custom Eyes Bifocal, featuring Lid Rest Technology, is a translating, non-truncated design. Custom Eyes will provide your early, moderate and advanced presbyopes with the add they require, up to 4D.

Our proprietary design, Lid Rest Technology, provides a perfectly uniform edge profile that even your most sensitive patient would like. Custom Eyes is a translating design, yet is not manufactured with a truncated, bulky edge. Lid Rest Technology creates an evenly distributed "cushion" for the lower lid and allows for proper lens translation in downward gaze.

You can also purchase the Clear Protection Plan for your Custom Eyes Bifocal wearers and give them affordable protection against lost and damages lenses.

Custom Eyes Bifocal incorporates an intermediate transistion zone which prohibits image jump.

Lid Rest Technology provides a cushion for the lower lid to allow for superior comfort.

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