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Ordering MVP Multifocal

Our objective is make your MVP Multifocal fitting experience as effortless as possible, and most importantly successful. Call your ABBA representative at 800-331-2015 and provide us with your patients "K" Readings, Spectacle Rx and Add Requirement. If you utilize corneal mapping, providing us with the patients eccentricity or shape factor is most helpful.

Your knowledgeable ABBA representative will design your MVP order and it will ship the same day when your order is placed by 1:00pm/EST.

Patient Selection

An important key to any successful presbyopic fit is knowing which patients will have the highest probability of success in an aspheric or translating design . Unlike other multifocals & bifocals, MVP can be used for any presbyopic patient needing low, moderate or advanced correction. This simplified method of patient selection can result in prescribing MVP for all of your presbyopic needs.

Fitting Evaluation

Allow the lens to equilibrate for 15 or more minutes. The lens should position centrally or slightly superior in primary gaze. Evaluate the patient's vision, distance and near, with both eyes open and with normal lighting conditions. If Acuity and comfort are good, dispense the lenses.

If an overrefraction is necessary and the lenses do not position properly, change the Base curve in 0.10 increments as outlined below to achieve proper centration.

Decentering High: Steepen the base curve 0.10 and add -0.50 to the lens power
Decentering Low: Flatten the base curve 0.10 and add +0.50 to the lens power

If the lenses are positioning properly on the patient and an overrefraction is still necessary, use hand held lenses with normal room illumination. Select the proper lens from the set and dispense the lenses to the patient.