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Orisoin For Corneal Reshaping - Ortho K Lenses


Corneal reshaping is quickly becoming an acceptable alternative to surgery. ABBA offers the latest in corneal reshaping with Orison, which is providing a method of vision correction that is complex in design, yet simple and easy for the practitioner and patient to experience 20/20 results. Accelerated Orthokeratology is presenting amazing results to practitioners and consumers alike. What is creating this renewed interest?

First, the increasing number of patients desiring an alternative to refractive surgery. Orison offers a method of vision correction that can have most myopic patients seeing 20/20 the next day. Because visual correction is simply maintained, like wearing a retainer to keep your teeth straight, the reverse factor with Orison is much more appealing to people than the prospect of surgery.

Second, is the introduction of corneal topography equipment to assist in predicting and monitoring the amount of myopic correction. With today’s technology, practitioners have a greater understanding of the predicted results before a lens is prescribed.

The use of our reverse-geometry lens, Orison, combines the overall corneal topography and spectacle refraction to determine a single lens for obtaining visual correction. Orison is manufactured in Paragon HDS 100, Yellow. For additional information, please call our office

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