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ABBA offers a complete product line to meet the needs of your practice. Along with custom manufactured GP lenses, ABBA offers it's own line of custom softs.

The many reasons your patient derserves custom softs:

Fast Service
Custom Soft Contact Lenses ship in 4-5 business days - Unmatched in the Industry!

Exceptionally Wide Range of Parameters
Sphere power from +30.00 D. to -30.00 D.
Cylinder power from -0.50 D. to -10.00 D.
Large and small diameters, flat and steep base curves
Simple Empirical Fit - give us K's & spectacle Rx & we'll design your lenses for you.
All products have FDA clearance for quarterly planned replacement and conventional use

Exact Specifications
No compromising your patient's prescription
Sphere and Cylinder Power in 0.25 D. steps
Cylinder Axis in 1 steps
Reproducible - All lenses are lathe cut on automatic C.N.C. Lathes with sub micron accuracy
All lenses are 100% inspected for accuracy

Multiple Designs Available
2 Sphere Designs to choose from
2 Toric Designs to choose from
2 materials to choose from: Hioxifilcon B & Polymacon

Replacement for Discontinued and Hard to Find Lenses
C.S.I. , AquaFlex, Hydron Mini, B&L N Series, and more
Refer to the Soft Lens Usage Guide for recommended substitutions

Tints & Colors [View Color Wheel]
27 standard transparent tints - 9 colors, 3 shades each - spheres & torics
Prosthetic Tints - Black Annulars & Black Pupils
Visibility Blue Tint available at no charge

ABBA's Custom Softs are offered in two brands: ABBAsoft and ABBAclassic
ABBAsoft [Full Guide & Details]
soft contact lenses, 48% water, (hioxifilcon B)

Order ABBAsoft Sphere on your next patient and compare the difference! 49% water content, daily wear soft contact lens, Hioxifilcon B. Available in Multi-Packs for quarterly planned repl.
BC 8.3, 8.6, 8.9 DIA 14.5mm
PWR Plano to +/-30D in .25 increments
27 tints to choose from!

Order ABBAsoft Toric on your next patient and compare the difference! 49% water content, daily wear soft contact lens, Hioxifilcon B. Thin design back surface toric. Lathe cut and tinted to order.
BC 8.3, 8.6, 8.9
DIA 14.5mm
PWR Plano to +/-30D (.25 inc)
CYL -0.75 to -10D (.25 inc)
AXIS 1 to 180 in 1 degree inc.
27 tints to choose from!

ABBAsoft G59
A new ABBA soft lens is available for your patients. The new lens is ABBAsoft G59 available in Sphere and Toric. The design is based on our existing ABBAsoft Sphere & Toric, but the lens material used is GMA with a water content of 59%, thus the name ABBAsoft G59.

The ABBAsoft G59 will be the lens of choice for any patient wishing to improve his/her end of the day comfort. The "5 o'clock syndrome" of lens awareness and discomfort is typically eliminated with the use of the ABBAsoft G59 lens. The G59 is made of hioxifilcon A (co-polymer GMA-HEMA) which retains its saturated water content on the eye, even under extreme conditions. All lens dimensions and oxygen permeability present in the first hour of wear will be present in the last hour of wear. This means lens movement and fit will be stable from the beginning of the day to bedtime. Some highlights:

Water Retention & On Eye Stability
With less than 1% water loss, hioxifilcon A does not shrink, tighten up, or change shape on the eye, and its Dk value is sustained during wear. Other standard materials of similar water content dehydrate as much as 10%. Zero shrinkage equals Zero "setting-time" for fit evaluation.

Deposit Resistance & Patient Comfort
This non-ionic material attracts only 2% (16 ?g/cm2 of protein vs 800) of what other standard materials attract leading to a full day of comfort.

Higher modulus (stiffer) material does not shrink, tighten up, or change shape on the eye maintaining crisp, stable vision.

Patient Retention
Keep patients coming back to your office. Fewer Drop-outs due to discomfort, dryness, and reduced wearing time. Fewer Drop-offs seeking alternative sources for (discounted) disposables. ABBAsoft G59 is only available through Independent ECPs.

Try our ABBAsoft G59 today and let your patients see and feel the difference!


*All ABBAsoft lenses have a 30 day tear warranty policy.