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Optimum by Lobob® contact lens care solutions, when used as directed offer allergy-free ease of patient compliance in the domain of cleaning, disinfecting, storage, wetting, rewetting and in-the-eye lubrication for all hard and rigid gas permeable contact lenses (PMMA or RGP) of any polymeric structure.

Optimum by Lobob® contact lens solutions are preserved with purified Benzyl alcohol, or are preservative-free, ensuring clean and comfortable lenses throughout the wearing cycle. Optimum by Lobob® contact lens solutions does not contain thimerosal, BAK, chlorhexidine, or polyaminopropylbiguanide, to which many lens wearers are sensitive.

Boston Solutions

Natural Ophthalmics

Rather than replace tears with lubricant eye drops, our treatment strategy for Dry Eye is to stimulate the ocular tissues to respond with their natural capacity to moisturize. Homeopathy ignites the healing process!

Many of your patients wonder what the difference between NatO eye drops and the other homeopathic brands.

While our formulas are homeopathic, we do have at least nine differential advantages over the other drops:

  1. NatO is preservative-free vs. preserved.
  2. NatO is very lightly lubricated vs. being non lubricated = NatO feels better to use.
  3. We have a traditional eye drop bottle that is easier to use.
  4. Price and value- NatO drops contains 15ml vs. 10ml or 440 drops vs. 260.
  5. Being "Ethical OTC - Only Available Via Doctors" insures superior quality.
  6. Ingredients specific for the condition, as opposed to being labeled, for example, for both dry eye and red eye.
  7. We have more active ingredients in each formula.
  8. NatO drops have a stronger and broader potency range.
  9. NatO drops are the only ones Developed by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who also is certified as a Homeopathic Physician.


ABBA is proud to welcome Flura-Safe™ to our regular product line!

Flura-Safe™ features Flurexon, a proven safe and effective large molecule Fluorescein that can be used with most contact lenses without fear of spoiling the lenses.

Additional benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need to irrigate the eyes
  • Allows soft contact lens trial fitting immediately after staining
  • Reduces the risk of ruining soft contact lenses

Combined with the anesthetic Benoxinate, this new product can also be used for:

  • Goldmann tonometry
  • Corneal evaluation
  • Foreign body removal

Flura-Safe™ is safe for use on all patients. Flura-Safe™ is available in a new economy size 6ml dropper bottle, allowing you to see 20% more patients per bottle!

Finally - One Stain That Does It All . . . FLURA-SAFE™!