September 25, 2009

To: Nicole Henderson

From: Erik S. Ornstein, O.D.

Dear Nicole,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new EB 15.0 lens. I used it on several patients; however, I want to let you know how much this lens changed the life of one particular woman.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl a few of months ago when she came in for an annual eye exam. She complained of decreased distance vision, headaches and difficulty driving. She has a history of being very near-sighted, with a retinal detachment in the left eye. This was repaired with a scleral buckle and also had the Lasik procedure in both eyes. Her visual acuity with spectacles was CF in the right eye and 20/25 in the left eye. Her refraction was OD: -9.25 -2.50 x 020 20/25+ OS: -6.25 -0.50 x 030 20/25-. Corneal topography revealed somewhat irregular ablations, with the left eye slightly worse than the right. Dilated fundus examination revealed the retinal to be flat over the buckle in the left eye, with mild myopic maculopathy in both eyes. I was very skeptical about achieving clear 20/20 vision. After discussing my findings and all options, we decided to move forward with a reverse geometry GP fit.

Our initial attempt was not very successful. I was unable to get a lens to center properly. Fortunately, I had recently learned about the new EB 15.0 lens; I requested ABBA send me a fit set for Cheryl. With that lens, we were able to achieve vision of 20/25 OD and 20/20 OS. Her corneas looked great at her two-week follow-up.

Cheryl is extremely happy with her greatly improved vision and the comfort of the lenses. I am amazed with the improvement in her vision, despite her ocular history. I will continue to use this lens on post-surgical patients, due to its high level of comfort and ability to obtain excellent acuity and promote corneal health. I am confident that new lens designs will continue to be in development for the ever-increasing challenges we practitioners face on a daily basis. I truly appreciate our partnership.

Warmest Regards,


Erik S. Ornstein, O.D.